[Case] < 50 € with Cable Management ?


I'm looking for the best case(s) I can get for less than 50 euros and that have a good cable management system (my PSU has A LOT of cables and they're pretty long).

I'll be putting an ATX system in it.

It's not a matter of personal tastes, I'm going to put the rig for sale as soon as I can.

Thanks for your input.
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  1. HAF 912, Antec 300.
  2. The Haf 912 costs 70 euros (and that's the cheapest one) and I kind of hate it's looks and can't see how it'd help my rig sell :s.

    The Antec 300 is basic though and only costs 50€ so I'll be looking into that in a moment. Thanks.

    EDIT: the Antec 300 doesn't have any cable management what so ever.

    Any other suggestions guys ?
  3. Website?
  4. I'm currently in france so whatever I buy is shipped there. I use this site to know the best prices:

    just got to type where it says "Rechercher les prix" and press enter.

    I was suggested the shinobi on another forum, looks good to me but I'll wait before ordering as they're might be better ones out there which I'm not yet aware of.
  5. The Antec one hundred is not bad either and it features some cable management. :)
  6. I prefer the shinobi, thanks for helping though :)
  7. from personal experience i've found that the haf 912 is extremely good value for money; it has loads of room for cable management.
  8. Doesn't make it less than 50 euros... nor pretty for that matter x).

    And I've got a Phantom case, not expecting much of the case I'm about to order except for it to make my case sell and hide all those ugly cables.
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