Sandy Bridge + WC + CASE?

Which case for WC? Corsair 650D @ $139 or Coolermaster HAF 932 Advanced @ $109 ??

I am putting together a new build. I would like to get a case ... and keep it long-term.

I have an Intel i7-2600K cpu % an ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe MB. I am not a gamer so my video cards tend not to be high end. More recreational photography & movie video oriented.

I would like to significantly overclock hence the interest in WC, which I would like to keep internal. The Corsair will accommodate a 240mm rad (2x140) I think. Whereas the CM will accommodate a 360mm (3x120) rad. Both I think will allow a 60mm thick rad.

Thanks for your input. :D
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  1. Corsair 650D and then just buy the Corsair H100 closed loop cpu water cooler, trust me it will allow your 2600K to hit its maximum OC potential.
  2. But i also have to say the Corsiar 550D will also quite happily except the H100 and is also very nice indeed and will meet your needs without issue.
  3. I would get the XSPC Raystorm Rx240 Watercooling kit: Also, I would post in the overclocking section of the forums.
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