Can anyone recognize this RAM tab?

I've bought a secondhand processor and also got two tagless 1GB DDR2 RAM for bargain. They dont fit in my DC 7700 HP's 404673-001 motherboard with the Intel Q965 Express chipsets, that support non-ECC DDR2 PC2-5300 (667-MHz) and PC2-6400 (800-MHz) memory.
Here it is >>

Thank you for identifying my RAM!
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  1. About the only info I can give you about those is they are manufactured by Micron Technology Good luck finding which part specifically - I got nowhere. The big problem I found is Micron supplies ram chips (and modules) to other brands such as Crucial, HP and Dell, perhaps more. Without any label, hard to say what modules those are.
    It's a start anyway
  2. Thank you very much, it helps a lot. Have turned directly to Micron Technology. I hope it shouldnt be to hard for them to give me the right answer.
  3. It is micron DDR2 ECC 667 1GB RAM.
    says that the mb uses ddr-2 ram. ram is keyed only goes in one way..dont fit..turn it around.
  5. yes, there is 64 pins in one side and the 56 pins in other side of the notch.
  6. Tnx everyone!
    RAMs fit to slots, but are MB incompatibile, system doesnt boot.
    First owner has Asus P5k MB, so i've presumed these are 1067 RAMs.
    I cant find exact part from Cin17 post, but if it is really ECC or 537 RAM, it might explain where problem is. Would really like to know exactly which modules i have, because of reselling!
  7. When you look at RAM chip that label 7FD22 D9GMH, it is ECC but your MB need the non ECC RAM so that the PC wouldn't boot.
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