2 GTX 570's vs. 1 GTX 580

Which will perform better? I am assuming its the 2 gtx570's, but if the 580 perform similarly or relatively close, then I'd consider buying it since I want to put that extra $220 towards a better monitor. All I really need is for it to be able to play every game I throw at it on the highest settings :P
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  1. If you measure by raw FPS, the 2x 570s will win out over the 580.

    However, for $500 you can do a Powercolor 6870x2 (2 processors on one card) + random 6870 and you should be able to beat either of those options.

    The 2x 570s could potentially generate a lot of micro stuttering which could detract from your gaming experience.

    Read this article if you want to hear more about some different things that play into this.


    That talks about micro stuttering, the 6870x2 + 6870 and other stuff like this.
  2. honestly 2 570 can outperform a single gtx 580


    look in this link how 570sli beat roughly 580.
  3. Raw FPS is only one factor in the experience (albeit maybe the most important one).

    Some other important factors

    1) Ease of setup
    2) Ease of cooling
    3) Cost of total setup (case, larger PSU, etc)
    4) Smoothness of rendering

    As I mentioned before, that article shows how a higher FPS can actually be perceived as lower FPS than it actually is.
  4. If you have the PSU and case airflow for it (an an SLI board of course) then go with the two 570s and don't look back.
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