Game Freeze . . .Pls HELP

Hey Guys,

I'm facing a game freeze while playing Mafia2 . . the game strts in fullscreen mode and while playing it refresh to desktop while the game audio is playing in the BG....then it refreshes again back into the game and keeps doing back-n-forth till it freezes up and i have no other option but to restart my PC.

I have recently upgrade my hardware with NEW components mentioned below-

CPU : Phenom II X6 1100 T.
MOBO : Gigabyte - GA 990XA- UD3.
RAM : Corsair4GB XMS - 1DIMM.

Previous Components-

OS : WINDOWS 7 Ultimate 64bit (reinstalled with the new hardware).
GPU : XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog - Single card (Bought 4 yrs back).
PSU : Glacialpower 550Watt power supply.
Case : CM 690 - with 5 fans.

I dunno whether the video card is not being compatible to play current games, i did updated the drivers(285.62) for 8800GT from Nvidia website.

Pls help, so i can come to a conclusion which i'm not able as of now. :cry:
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  1. Does your computer act fine during all other games and programs? A CPU/memory stress test is called orthos out there. Just make sure you have a temp guage to watch and at least decent cooling setup if you're going to run it. I haven't installed mafia i can't give anything besides generic advice. i will let you know if i think of anything else.

    -Douglas Rochford
  2. Are there no error messages?
  3. @ Doug - It happens only during games .... when m watching movie, surfing the web, or doing any other task .... it cruises . . .it when i game it does this.

    @ Rizlla - nope, no error messages. . . it just blackout and the monitor goes into power save mode, to which i have to restart the PC.
  4. Sounds like either the PSU or the GPU are reaching its final destination point.
    can you change any of those to see if the problem will be solved?
    If not, you might try to run some stress test tool on the cpu and the gpu to see if there is a problem with either the heat produced or the power required.
  5. @ Cats_paw - m currently running a CPU/Ram stress test . . . using Orthos test tool . . will run it for a few mins and post the results.... wht shld be the idle time alloted for testing . . 5/10/20/60 mins ?????
  6. Alrite 10 mins of Stress test done . . . Dunno whether it's enough !!!!! but the results are as such . . . .

    Type: Blend - stress CPU and RAM Min: 8 Max: 4096 InPlace: No Mem: 3837 Time: 15
    CPU: 3300MHz FSB: 200MHz [200MHz x 16.5 est.]
    28-10-2011 16:15
    Launching 2 threads...
    Using CPU #0
    Beginning a continuous self-test to check your computer.
    Press Stop to end this test.
    Test 1, 4000 Lucas-Lehmer iterations of M19922945 using 1024K FFT length.
    Test 2, 4000 Lucas-Lehmer iterations of M19922943 using 1024K FFT length.
    Test 3, 4000 Lucas-Lehmer iterations of M19374367 using 1024K FFT length.
    Test 4, 4000 Lucas-Lehmer iterations of M19174369 using 1024K FFT length.
    Test 5, 4000 Lucas-Lehmer iterations of M18874369 using 1024K FFT length.
    Torture Test ran 10 minutes 15 seconds - 0 errors, 0 warnings.
    Execution halted.

    NO errors . . . . NO warnings.
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