Why is my download speed so slow all of a sudden

Hi, My Download Speed was about 10mbps and i be came around 1-5kbps
can someone really help me that will be very grate full.

Is there any software for internet connections like just choose your download and upload speed then restart your computer and your download and upload will be very fast then anything
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  1. have you checked your computer for virus and malware?
  2. You are looking for a "download manager", that's some kind of program that starts multiples connection at once and that hope to boost your global download speed through threading. This is not a solution in your case.

    It may depends a lot on your internet connection, and the site your reach. Maybe you are trying to reach data from a very distant server with a poor peering support (say download data from easter islands while your in US east coast). Maybe your computer is spoiled by trojans or zombie process, maybe your wifi connection is hijack by your neighbours.

    There are tons of reasons for a bad connection, you need to be a little more specific for us to help you. :)
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