What is gpu? which gamesm can i play

i3 intel hd graphics w7 sugest like cod,halo
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  1. so what are your specs

    and you questioned what is gpu the answere is it is a computer component which stands for Graphics Port Unit
  2. GPU = Graphics Processing Unit
  3. abhijeetkumar said:
    i3 intel hd graphics w7 sugest like cod,halo

    are you buying i3 with windows7 and what do you mean that i3 built-in graphics can run halo or call of duty yes it can.you can play all newer games but in lower and medium setting because build-in graphics are not too powerfull as compared to external gpu's.
    GPU:graphics processing unit one of the most important component in computer that will improve your games much more with a decent graphic card like hd 5450,hd 5770,hd 6770,gtx 460 and so on.
  4. but you can't run new and latest games on maxed out with that thing
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