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Hey all am lost man i got a atx tower with a rampage 3 motherboard, 12g corsair dominator ram, 2x580 gtx super clocked, and a 980X i7, am getting no video to my monitor and no boot screen , i did the 20 steps listed on the forums, i used 1 SSD,1 dram, and 1 graphics card same problem, checked the cards no issue, checked the board everything lights up, reset the cmos, and nothing i cant afford new anything lol, or taking it to a repair guy that gonna rob me. recently it wouldnt start normaly and i had to use F8 to choose a boot device? anything would help thank you.
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  1. Have you tried the breadboard guide that was at the end of the troubleshooting guide? The error about the boot device suggests that Power On Self Test was unable to detect the boot drive (or at least the boot sector on the drive).

    Double check your cables, ensure they're connected snugly at both ends. If you can, borrow a DVI cable from someone to rule out the connection between GPUs an monitors.
  2. I will do that lol thank you very much
    and i will let you know
  3. Also a asus tech told me to switch the bios batteries good idea?
  4. Actually, changing the battery would be an excellent idea. That motherboard should use a CR2032 battery. How long have you had the motherboard?
  5. 1 year this month
  6. Have you confirmed your PSU is functioning? What brand/model is it?
  7. its working a coolmasters atx ver 2.3 1250 watt
  8. changed the bios battery, psu has no issues, i used 2 other monitors different cables dvi/hdmi, used another psu less power 850 no change =(
  9. Did you breadboard to rule out a short?
  10. Usually, it's the video out port closest to the motherboard that is the primary.

    Also, check the bios so that PCIe is the primary video.

    You have to use the first Video slot closest to the CPU for the monitor to work,
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    THe motherboard is cracked not enough power to cards i need a new mobo =(
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