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Hi everyone!

PC Specs:

CPU: i7 2600k

RAM: Corsair vengeance c8 (4x2), total = 16gb

Motherboard: G1.Sniper2

Graphics card: 2 x Gigabyte GTX580 superoverclock edition (SLI)

Powersupply: Corsair 1080HX

HDD: Western Digital 2tb Black Sata 3 (Game storage)

SSD: Corsair Force 3 60gb (Installed windows 7 pro-64bit)

My main question is in regards to GPU usage. On Battlefield 3 for instance, I have noticed my gpu usage is constantly fluctuating between 60's-90's and never truely reaches 100% usage.

Should GPU usage always be at maximum to ensure steady FPS throughout playing? OR should it only go up as required. My main idea that it should always be used to the full degree is to keep FPS steady rather than having jumps from 58-150 FPS on ultra in Battlefield 3.

I am only using one monitor at 1680x1050, does this FPS fluctuation from 58-150 seem normal? Or is it because of GPU usage not being utilised properly.
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  2. Quote:
    Be glad that your gpu's are powerful enough to not need to be used 100% always.
    The framerate seems like an ok fluctuation, however i think your cpu needs a bit of an overclock to really let those cards spread their legs.

    Cheers for that, so in cases when the action is intense and FPS drops from 80 and stays at 60, the GPU not being used to maximum would be normal in this scenario?

    Any reccomendations for a new CPU cooling rather than stock if I should O/C? :)

  3. Awesome, will do! Thanks for your help!
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