F1A75-M-ASUS-2004 BIOS Update Hanging

Hello, Great site btw!! I've been searching and reading for hours trying to figure this out. I down loaded the file from ASUS's website, renamed the file to F1A75.ROM, and loaded it onto my Fat32 thumb drive. Error reading the file on my thumb drive, so I put the file on my EHD and it allows me to click ok to read the file. However it hangs after clicking ok. Thanks in advance for your help!
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  1. Hi, Using EZ Flash 2 in BIOS and an USB 2.0 port?
    Why updating the BIOS? Compatibility issues?
  2. Thank you for the quick response! That is how I was trying to do the update. I let it stay in the frozen state all night hoping it was just taking it's sweet time, but nothing changed. I updated the RAM and after verifying it registered in the BIOS I went through everything and figured I'd update to the latest revision. So far it seems to have been the wrong move, as it will not boot up after the BIOS screen. Just a blinking line black screen.
  3. If pressing Del at startup, can you enter BIOS?
  4. Yes I can access the BIOS and everything in it. However, the BIOS will not take a BIOS update. After clicking the ok button to start the BIOS update it just freezes everything up. I took it best buy yesterday and they were not able to fix it either and suggested that my windows 8 upgrade from windows 7 might have become currupt. He could see al my files on the hard drive but as the boot up goes past the BIOS the pc it does not find the os. I'm going to call MS and get their support as well. Thanks again for the help! I'l post the out come from MS.
  5. Never really found out what the problem was. MS Windows 8 seems to have become corrupt some how. Luckily my MSW's 8 support was still valid. I have to brag on MSW's 8 support as they help me download, and load the latest version. Although it took 3.5 hours to get everything going they stayed on the phone with me until everything was complete.
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