Build compatibility check, Need advice

Hey everyone

i will be using this computer to play games and surf the web.

Being a first time builder, I have a few concerns going into this, the biggest one being are my chosen parts compatible? I DONT WANT JUNK!!! If i chose a bad/cheap part please tell me and give me a suggestion as to what i should do about it.Also, does the PSU have enough wattage?

Budget - $550

Country - USA

this is the build i have right now..

Graphics card -


MOBO - (is this mobo any good?)


PSU - (630w... is this enough?)

hard drive -

Case - (is this a good case?)

I dont need a mouse, keyboard, moniter, OS, or speakers

Thank you!! Any suggestions will help!! :D
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  1. The MOBO is decent, you'd be better off going with one that has a lower rate of failure, as this one seems to have a pretty high fail rate. just remember, you get what you pay for. I would suggest
  2. That mobo is not compatible with my cpu
    are there any other mobos that are a bit cheaper than that one? im running quite a tight budget.. all of my parts chosen ARE compatible, right? im just not 100% sure being a first time builder. Also, will the video card will run modern games on high/max?
    thank you.
  3. I suggest the $600 Gaming PC from the System Builder Marathon December 2011.,3097.html.

    You just drop the i5 2400 to i3 2100 and you're good to go.
  4. ^dead link
  5. ok thank you..are the parts i picked out compatible?
  6. If you build based on the System Builder Marathon, than it is 140% compatible. But if not, it still compatible.
  7. bump
    and what do you mean by 140% compatible?
  8. Best answer
    Nah, Im just making Russian joke. Anyway, all the parts that you picked are all compatible.
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