Moniter, mouse, key board and speakers not working.

I spilled some drink (yesterday), and some got into my desktop through the top fan. Today i plugged the pc in, all the fans turn on including cpu, psu. But my mouse and keyboard wont come on, the moniter and speaker are recieving power but arent doing anything the moniter just has the logo on it then goes to no signal. When the spill happended, i didnt notice it was leaking into the computer, until the moniter said VGA no signal, then i noticed the trail of water going across the desk..i immediately unpluged the computer. I think that only the area which controls the moniter, and usb ports in the back were damaged, is this possible? Should i replace the mother board? Could it also be the cpu, i dont have a dedicated graphic card, mine is on the cpu. I checked to make sure the keyboard, mouse, speaker and moniter were plugged in right and they are. What could it be?
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    Would you feel comfortable taking the motherboard out? If so, what you need to do is take it out, and use a blow dryer on it (only 1-2 minutes at a time). Do that until it is as dry as Afghanistan. If it doesn't work after that, then we still got a problem.

    I think it is the video card. The fans turn on, which means the motherboard is at least half way working and the PSU is fully functional. The no VGA signal message tells me that the video card DID get wet, and short circuited. This is only temporary, but depending on what did short, it could have damaged something else.

    I would make sure everything is dry before we go to replacing parts tho, even just a little bit of moisture will cause it to still short. Also if it was a soda, the "sugar" trail will conduct electricity.
  2. it was grape gatorade, it does smell a little like grape to but i dont know how to safely remove the sugar, i took out the mother board and il dry it like you said, ill use low setting so it wont be hot, thanks for the reply
  3. The video card as well, what you should use is a damp cloth and make sure you dry it really good again.
  4. my gpu is on the cpu, and i think the drink hit it, because the socket had drops of gatorade around it, i think it went under it to :(
  5. well a WARM not HOT damp cloth... and dry it really good after
  6. Its working like nothing ever happened!!!!!!! oh thank you so much <3 its perfectly okay, like its odd noises, lights or anything :'D
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  8. You got it.
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