Ati 5870 hd powercolor initial BIOS

Hey guys if anyone has the ati 5870 hd exactly the same versio as the link below please let me know coz i need the bios which you can extract them with gpuz.

Thank you.
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  1. I ve already been there my friend thank you but i need the original stock BIOS there is a reason those are modified i have problem with the Gpu registers voltage and the subsystem compatibility but thank you for the respond
  2. Well yeah the reason is because i have already messed with them and now i am having issues which i am not sure if is the Gpu or Psu so i will bewgin with something easyer i need the stock Bios.. Though i am not sure at all if it's Gpu problem i whant to do this change (back to normal)
  3. Not postin and the gpu fan spins furiously as if its very hot (wich is not i tested it) and the screen is always empty. And is doing it sometimes when in windows and with few words is doing it randomly with no reason at all. I tryed everything!! I am having this problem for long time, sometimes it stops for few days or for few months and now is not reversable, I ve change cpu, motherboard and i made almost every single thing to check my parts on other pcs ans vise versal...
  4. Yes and no i have no display when it does this particular problem.. I have the prime testing for many hours and is ok and if i restart it or open an application it may do this annoying problem, i spend too much money without a reason and now my hdd is not working
  5. And furmark for gpu and also is fine
  6. I flashed it many time bad it does not allow me to take other bios other from the ones i have know which are also modified by techpower something is wrong with the sub serial code is not muching and atiflash will not let me flash it. But the main reason i need someones bios is to see what the registry 0x18 voltage is so i can downclock the current ones
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