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greetings, I have an Asus cm5570 quad core running vista 64bit and a nvidia 8400gs graphics card. I want to upgrade enough to be able to run games like "Battlefield","call of duty" and others. I currently cant play most of these with present set-up advice appreciated. also I have 4 slots for memory. three slots contain 2g sticks(came that way).thanks, Chris
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  1. I wouldn't list your email on here like that, scammers search forums for email addresses and spam the heck out of them. At least do something like surfinwoodatgmaildotcom or something instead. That way these programs can't easily identify it as an email address (they look for the @ and the .s).

    In other news, I think you are a good ways away from running these games fine.

    Pretty much everything is many generations old and all of it will be tortured greatly by games like BF3.

    I can try to max out your current board, but the remaining parts that old on the market aren't usually cheap (low supply + moderate demand = moderate to high prices).

    I need to know what kind of budget you have to work with before I can give any serious advice, though.

    How much are you willing to spend in order to have a good gaming experience in these games?
  2. Asus Essentio CM5570-AP006 = Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 / 2.33 GHz ? 6GB, Power Supply Peak 300 W (PFC),

    Some games will be CPU constrained, others will work. For video you can drop in an HD6670 with the existing power supply. This is an easy install. $90 part, like this one: and get by with low settings in most games. This is the cheapest, easiest solution but may not give you the gaming experience you want. Google the games you play plus hd6670 and see what frame rates the card can give at the resolutions you want to play.

    Second option, keep the CPU, update the power supply (PSU) and get a strong video card. The problem here is replacing the power supply. Open your case, look at the existing PSU and see if you would want to try to remove it (4 screws, easy), take a new one out of the box and install (easy) and then one by one replace all teh wires from the old PSU with the same connectors from the new PSU (not that difficult, but..) If you can do that then get a good quality 400 or 500 watt PSU then get a $150 video card or better from this list: "Best Graphics Cards For The Money: December 2011 ",3085.html

    Third option, if you want to drop $500 or more and build a strong gaming system then forget you have the current system. Post in the newbuild forum asking for advice after filling out he form that says what type of PC you want built.

    Alternative approach to option 3, implement option 2 above, get the PSU and video, see if you are happy. If you need more then go tot he newbuild forum and say that you want a new build that includes the PSU and Video you already have. (the rest of the parts, memory, MB, CPU, etc. won't cayy over. The optical device and hard drive will if you gut the old system. Better would be giving away the old system intact or selling it)

    Good Luck.
  3. +1 Raiddin on the email address. Use the EDIT function (one of the three icons on the lower right of your original post) to put it in the form Raiddin suggests)

    Also agree with Raiddin that adding a new CPU to your existing MB is not the way to go. (Cost vs. benefit).
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