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I am going to be buying the AMD FX-8350 soon and I have done a lot of research on different motherboards that will work for it. What are your guys opinions on the best motherboard for a reasonable price and still work with the 8350?
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  2. I have the AM3+ Sabertooth . I ran it with the Phenom and then upgraded to the FX 8350 a few months back , solid board no issues. Core unlocking worked great with the old Phenom chip . The Auto overclock works great on the 8350. My passmark score goes from the 9000's up in to the 10,000's with just one click . super easy . I most like all the on board sensors . I can see a temperature readout for all the major sections of the board. They released a ver 2 of Sabertooth , not sure what the difference is . I have ver 1. everything works fine. I chose the Asus for better bios development and updates.
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