What to do? Upgrade processor or only mobo

Okay guys here's my question,

My current setup is :

intel i5 650 (dual core i believe)
6gb ram
ati 6770 hd

So i wanted to upgrade and was wondering what should i do. (keep in mind i will be buying another pc within 2 years)

First option : Buy an i7-870 wich will fit on my socket (260$ on ebay)
Buy another ati 6770 to enable crossfire if its possible. (100$)

total cost : about 360$

Second option : Buy intel i5 2500k (about 250$ at the store)
Buy new mobo for said cpu ( about 150$)

Total cost : About 400$ but i'm scared my 6770 will need an upgrade soon? (or maybe not?)

so what should i do? i play games like bf3 and will be playing diablo 3 and assassins creed 3.

thanks guys!

Btw i'm not sure changing the whole mobo will fit my current case. (stock acer)
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  1. Overclock i5-650 and upgrade gpu.
  2. i dont know how to overclock it and i dont really want to invest in additional cooling , do i need it?
  3. You can get a decent overclock with the stock cooler. If you're wanting to look into it check out the overclocking section.
  4. thanks , i found this, should i try it? and what does it mean by specified timing, speed

    ''set the FSB to 200, multi to 20, Vcore to 1.3250, Disable speed step, C1E etc, make sure RAM is at specified timings, speed.''
  5. Now another question , if i couldnt overclock what would you do? refering to my first post actually
  6. Your RAM has a rated clocks and timings, you would need to edit those in your BIOS to match what they are rated for by the manufacture. Start with an overclock without raising (CPU, or Vcore) voltages and see how far you get. With a stock heatsink you might not have much room to raise the Vcore (CPU voltage) depending on the chip, but you should still get a decent OC.

    I would go read a CPU OC tutorial, so you know whats going on, for 1156 socket CPUs and if you still have questions start a thread in the Overclocking section.



    I would start with upgrading your GPU. If you still aren't happy with your performance then you won't be out a component because you can always carry them to a new platform. :) However, that CPU with a decent overclock should handle much more than a 6770.

    Are your motherboard and PSU 6770 crossfire capable? If you're not sure, what are those components?
  7. the problem is that my mobo does not allow me to overclock my computer in the bios

    it's a generic brand computer (acer) thats why i said i cannot overclock it
  8. Sounds like you're trying to squeeze a lot of extra performance out of a system that was not designed for that. Are you suffering so much with the current setup that you just can't wait until 2 years when you said you're getting a new one?

    Upgrading the CPU will only slightly help as I'm sure your mobo isn't designed for the 2nd gen i5, and if you're going to go as far as upgrading CPU AND Board, you're moving from a temp solution to the beginnings of building a new system anyhow.

    You'll get a lot more performance out of a system you put together picking parts that were made to work together, like a Z68 board and an i5-2500K or i7-2600K for easy overclocking.

    For now, if you really have to do anything, look into a better GPU that you can use now but will work well in your next system too.
  9. If you're unable to overclock then you may want to save up until you can get a new mobo/CPU together.

    If you want the cheapest upgrade right now I'd go for a new GPU.

    Your CPU should be fine for the games you listed at this time.
  10. thanks guys , i though my dual core was holding me back.

    i'll be buying a new computer soon enough, just gotta be done with some furniture buying first.
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