I can i sli these two cards without any problem?

i just got battlefield 3 for my computer, had it on ultra settings with a res of 1980x1200 and there was a quite a bit of lag sadly. beautiful graphics though. wasnt expecting to have the computer i have, my best friend went a custom built me one for a graduation gift. its got 8gigs of ddr3 1600Mhz cas latency 9 ram, ocz vertex 3 ssd, i5 2500k, nzxt phantom case, 900 watt psu, ASRock extreme4 gen 3 mobo and a gtx 570. i just bought a new monitor with a max res of 2560x1600. i want to be able to play any game i want with all the settings maxed out and at that res.
sadly my 570 cant do that for me, so i was wondering what all i can do to play this game with everything maxed.
should i get better a better cpu, or ram? i only have about $200. are my cpu and ram morethan enough for this game? or should i just SLI with these two cards? sorry for such a long post :) just trying to get a better gaming experience!


so can i/ should i SLI with these two ^ or is it possible SLI with a gtx 570 and gtx 560 ti?
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  1. At that resolution I would rather look at a better card like a GTX580 or a GTX 590 or HD 6990.

    It is unknown if the two same cards from different manufacturers will work with no problems. I would suggest use google and Youtube as there are alot of these types of videos on there are see if you can find any confirmation on the subject.
    At that resolution more that 1GB Vram is better and that is where AMD's cards have the upper hand.
  2. yeah but doesnt battlefield 3 use nvidia's physx? so in that case wouldnt i want a nvidia card?i dont really have a preference on gpu's like i do cpu's so either ati/nvidia would work. i can always just use my 23" monitor like i did last night, but even at a res of 1980x1200 it was still laggy as hell.. i'd love to get a gtx 580 system but i dont have even enough for one 580 right now.
  3. also, the gtx 570 is a pretty good card right? especially if i can get another one for SLI.
  4. corymorrison said:
    or is it possible SLI with a gtx 570 and gtx 560 ti?

    In a word, no.
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