2 different RAM Cas Latency / Timing

So i bought this new motherboard for my new build and it came up with a free single 8GB memory .
and i'm currently using my 2x 4gb memory . those 2 RAMs have different CAS latencys and Timings but they're both G.Skill .

my new mobo :

my currently installed ram :

and the free ram from my new mobo :

Now my question is , Can i put my currently installed ram to that new mobo together with the free ram ? even tho they have different Cas Lantencys / timings ? and the free ram is only 1 stick , but the other is 2 sticks (dual channel)? i'm just a noob when it comes to this kinds of things so please bear with me :) any nice answer will be much appreciated . :)
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  1. 1) In theory you can mix any size, timing, brand RAM together. But you will have some compatible problems or not problems at all.
    2) If you put all three RAMs then you RAM run in the single channel mode. And you already have the 8GB RAM that mean youdon't need more. but if you are doing a lot the photo/video editing.

    Buy one get free item that is the marketing strategy. So you have to ask yourself do I real need the motherboard or the free RAM. If you need the moherboard just buy them, if there is 50% and 50%, you are better to wait because most time the free item is low quality or oversupply.
  2. You can simply install it and see what happens, worst that can happen is it won't boot. Are you really doing anything that requires more than 8 gig of memory? You could always buy another 8 gig stick (if it was free, it probably is a cheap stick anyway) and have 4 sticks of memory so you are running dual channel.
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