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So my wallet is a little light now... heres what i purchased and where i got it, i have never built a computer myself but i have taken a few apart and replaced cards/memory ect. I did a fair amount of research but decided to go with things that were on sale this boxing day, et fairly high end stuff. Tell me what you think and how i did for deals, also if you have any advice for putting this together that would be be great, or if you forsee any problems i may run into. Any guesses as to how my fps will be with most new games at 1920x1200

PS - Corsair 850w

Mother board and CPU - Asus p8z68-v pro/gen3 with i7-2600k

Graphics card - evga geforce 580

Ram - Corsair vengence LP ddr3 1600mhz 16g

Case - Zalman z9 plus with fan controller

HD#1 - WD 2TB Black

HD #2 - Patriot Wildfire 120GB SATA3 SSD

Cooling - Cosair h100

total cost with taxes and shipping (not including and MIR, who knows if i will actually get them) $1929.94
your thoughts and/or advice? did i miss anything (i realise i havent gotten a dvd drive yet or OS but that wont be too much of a problem)
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  1. Not the worst way to spend 2k.

    Everything looks fine for the most part.

    I am not sure about the case or the cpu cooler but they are probably fine.

    Nitpicky detail, you probably want to label HD1 as the one the OS goes on and HD2 as the one the data goes on. That is the convention anyway.

    Other than that, the only other thing I see is that the RAM needs to be on the board's QVL. Not sure if it is or not but I guess you will find out if it works when you get it.

    All in all it seems pretty solid.
  2. ya i posted the drives by order of what site i bought them from because i was linking them :), but the ssd will be my boot drive and cache and the 2tb for my storage, i believe the ram is on the list, when i looked it up it was very early in the morning and im pretty sure it was there, will i need to pick anything else up to complete this, connectors or anything? like i said first time not sure if i got it all
  3. The connectors you need should be supplied with the parts themselves.
  4. Yep, this looks quite good. You could have gone 2500K and Hyper 212 EVO (especially the latter) and saved yourself quite a bit of money, though. The 2600K's not better unless you're OCing to the limit, and even your $90'll only get you 100 or 200 mhz. Sandy Bridge doesn't really have temperature problems, so the H100's overkill.
  5. i may have a day or so to change before they start shipping, would you recommend any water cooler at all? i actually just upgraded the case cause i was worried it wouldnt fit, i was planning on overclocking it as much as i could, but i really dont know that muhc about it myself so any advice is great, i could go back to the smaller and significantly cheaper case if i dont water cool, im basically open for any advice right now, now that im sitting here thinking im starting to feel a little overhelmed that im not gunan be able to turn this 2k pile of parts into a computer, or that i may have made a few bad choices, this was pretty spur of the moment decision
  6. H100 got some pretty good reviews - you can run the fan at a lower speed to keep things quiet. As mentioned, if you are mainly just gaming the i5-2500k will work fine.
  7. the motherboard and processor was actually a bundle deal from memory express for $450
  8. You definitely don't need a water cooler. I still support the Hyper 212 EVO, $35 on Newegg. The temps will stay safe.
    Isn't the Z9 really cheap already?
  9. sorry let me rephrase that, i originally had the z9 and then i changed it to the nzxt phenom difference of about $100. so if i went back to that case and changed the h100 to a hyper 212 i could save about 135$, hmm ill sleep on it and maybe call them in the morning thanks i appreciate your input... anyone else have any advice?
  10. My advice is to choose the case by stylistic preference. You won't really see a difference in performance between most mainstream cases, so go with whatever look you like, taking cost into consideration.
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