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I just put together my first pc and i am almost positive everything is plugged in right. I turned it on and everything spins and turns on and then after 3 seconds it shuts down. Then 3 seconds later it turns back on, everything spins, and then it turns off. What is causing this? Nothing is showing up on my moniter either.

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  1. Is the PSU turning off with the rest of it or is the PSU staying on when this happens?
  2. yes, the whole system shuts down along with the psu.
  3. A big possibility is that something is wrong with the PSU but if not, do make sure you have all of the right power cabled plugged in to everything that needs it. My pc had similar prolems when I didn't have the CPU power cord plugged in as tight as it should have been.
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    The same problem can occur for many reasons.

    I can tell you from experience that it can be a RAM problem, particularly if the RAM isn't pushed in hard enough.

    If you had to pull up the things to lock it in the slot yourself, its probably not in far enough.

    It really needs to be in there good, so push pretty hard on it.
  5. Thanks guys. Figured it out.
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  7. What was the problem you were having? Just to confirm?

    Was the RAM not far enough in?
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