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hi, I just got my power supply and ram back from an RMA (psu was making ticking noise) and before this RMA the computer was working fine. During the RMA i decided to take out the cpu and reapply thermal paste and thats basically all i did. When I put the cpu back in tho i heard a scary crunching noise. I took out the cpu and looked at the socket on the pins and I couldn't really spot any bent pins (kind of have bad vision so that's probably why). I really have no idea why the computer won't start. When i hook up the PSU, thepower button on the motherboard turns green. When I press the power button tho it runs the fans for like half a second then everything just stops running. Please help me!!
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  1. Hi,
    Try taking the board outside the case, reinstall the CPU and test again (put the board on its box or a non-conducting surface).
  2. Yep, while i was trying to do that, i decided to use the paperclip test on the psu. Surprisingly the psu did the same thing the computer did when i tried to turn it on. The fan spinned like half way then stopped. Looks like I got fucked over again..
  3. actually just scratch that. Power supply works fine
  4. I tested the motherboard with the cpu and ram out of the case and reseated the cpu multiple times. I also looked at the pins on the motherboard with a magnifying glass and no pins are broken or bent.
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