New system blue screen of death issue

Hey guys Im having an issue and i cant identify what the problem is, i just bought an i5 2500k, 2x4gb corsair vengeance, asus p8z68 vPro Gen3 mobo. I already owned an evga gtx470 gpu. I installed all the new parts but when it goes to start up windows i get a blue screen of death for a quick second and my machine restarts :o
Can someone help me please?!
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    When you install windows things get installed in windows that help it work well with a certain motherboard.

    If you take it out of that computer and connect it in another computer with a different motherboard, this will happen.

    You must reinstall windows.
  2. Thanks ill do that right now and let you know what happens
  3. that worked, thanks for the help!
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