My Local Disk D has become RAW

Hello everyone, I have a problem.
Uptil now, my Local Disk D was working fine. I decided to install windows 7 in it for dual boot with xp which was already installed in C. However, as I was installing windows 7 from the dvd, an error occured: "Media error" and my local disk d became RAW. When i see its properties, it shows 0 bytes used space and 0 bytes free space. I tried to format it but it says that format was unsuccessful. Can anyone please help I need this disk for storage as other two disks(c and E) are almost full. Thanks in advance!
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  1. You can try to do a write ) to the drive and see if that fixes it. If its a Seagate, you can use Setools to try and fix the disk.

    But there could be one major issue, and thats that the HDD is bad.
  2. I would use two HDDs/SSDs and install the two OS on each to avoid conflicts like this, but thats me. Have before experied big problems when local disc is something else than C: . That was beacuse I, when doing a new OS install, forgot to unplug the cables to my second CD-rom first. When Windows and BIOS detects more than one CD-rom or HDD/SSD when installing new OS the system automaticly gives the disc you want to set as C: another name like D: or H: . Have not had two separatly OS installed myself but what I can imagen has happened is that the computer somehow have installed your OS on the CD-rom/CD-rom disc instead of on the HDD/SSD disc. To make more than one partion of one and same disc maybe not always is so good after all??? Dont know but this is what I can imagen can couse internal conflicts on a PC. Google the word RAW and try to make sure what it means!
  3. You can see if the drives manufacturer has a low level format utility available and use that.
  4. Thank u so much for replying quickly!
    I installed windows 7 in d again and it worked. whenever i boot windows 7, the disk is fine, however when i boot with windows xp( installed in c) local disk d is shown raw.
    I would like to keep only windows 7 then. Can anyone tell me how to remove xp from dual boot? Thanks!

    BTW, what is writing to a drive? and low level format utility? I am sorry, the questions might sound awkward, but i am not very good at computers...
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