How do I make the video card the primary device?

Built my first system last night and overall everything is going good. Booted up, installed windows and drivers and nothing blew up.

My only issue is that when I run 3D Mark 11 it tells me my score is very low compared to similar systems, and I notice that it shows my integrated graphics as the primary and my video card as secondary. The card itself seems to be working, monitor is plugged into it through HDMI and I get pic and sound.

I've ensured that it's set to PCI-E in the BIOS, updated drivers from the web, and installed all available windows updates. The card shows up in the device manager as working. What else am I missing? Is there another way to test the card to see if it's performing to it's best, maybe 3D Mark is just screwy?

Setup is: ASRock Extreme 3 Gen3, i5 2500k, MSI 6950 Twin Frozr II/OC 2GB, Win 7 Premium.
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  1. Look in the BIOS and try to disable the onboard graphics.

    If you can't do it there, try to do it in the device manager. You can get there by right clicking on my computer and going to properties and the hardware tab.
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