E8400 + 8800gt in sli looking to upgrade

Hi everybody, ive currently got a e8400 with a pair of 8800gt in sli. Im looking to get a hd 6850. The question i have is..

1. will i get better game performance
2. will the hd 6850 bottleneck the cpu?

Any info would be great.

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  1. 6850 isn't the right upgrade for you.
    You will need to spend some more money.
    As for the bottleneck no it won't be bottlenecked.
    As long as you are playing at a high resolution you should be fine.
    A coworker has a 6950 2gb with a 8400 after moving from a 88gts 512
    he says it is like night and day.

    6850 will be on par with your current cards, you will however gain dx11
    maybe look at a 560ti or 6950 1gb

    6870 and 560 (non ti) on the cheap.
  2. In order to run the 6950 would i have to overclock my cpu?
  3. My coworker doesn't but I would deff oc the CPU if you can,
    his frame rates are acceptable, He is bottlenecked but it was a huge upgrade in his words.
  4. An H6850 would definitely be an upgrade but not a huge one. Overclocking the CPU is a good idea no matter what you get.
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