CPU is @ 97*c! You gotta help me!

My PC is made up of a P8Z68 mobo, i5 2550k OC'ed @ 4.1GHz, and a GTX 560 Ti OC'ed. Proper voltage is given, and this is freaking/scaring me out. Idle, or on I.Explorer, fine. Max temp of 42*c. Right now (since 1 hour ago) I have been rendering a 1080p 60fps 17minute video in Vegas Pro 11 and immediately (under load) it just ******* JUMPS up to about 80% and higher loads, and is @ 90c. This is boiling it, isn't it? How do I solve this? I actually have a H100 cooler, yet am using the stock intel fan. Should I use the H100? Seriosuly I have it RIGHT now...
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  1. With an OC like that, and that you've "given proper voltage" (read: raised voltage), you should certainly not be using the Intel stock HSF. Install your H100 and that should drop your temps like a stone.
  2. 90 degrees Celsius? That is very hot. There's another post I found which indicates temperatures for a cpu similar to yours (an i5 2500k), which is interesting from a comparison point of view: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/320336-28-2500k-temp

    One thing that I would double check, is to make sure that the heatsink is properly attached/mounted to your motherboard, as I know (from experience) that that can make a big difference. If possible, try to look underneath your motherboard and check to make sure that all four of the push pins/screws are showing underneath.
    And also make sure that you have thermal grease on the cpu/heatsink.

    I had a very similar problem with a computer I had a few years back- it was freezing in pretty much the same way as yours. It turned out to be a combination of the fan on my graphics card had packed up, causing the graphics card to overheat, and the cpu fan on the heatsink was packing up - it still looked like it was running properly, but when I went into bios, it showed that the rpm was no where near as high as it should've been. It then completely packed up. Once I had replaced both fans, the freezing problem stopped.

    I hope this helps :)
  3. If you have the H100, use it. That is way too high :ouch:
  4. One thing I should add is that I've never done much over clocking, so am not an expert about it, but using H100 instead of the stock Intel heat sink would probably be a good idea.
  5. Those temps with the intel stock cooler are normal put in the H100 asap.
  6. That CPU temperature is too damn high!

    Yeah, what the other guys have said. A proper cooler should do the trick.
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