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I recently added a new video card Radeon 6770 and PSU GS600 to my computer and wasn't having any problems until now. My computer started freezing or rebooting on its own. Disk boot failure errors started as my hard drive would not vibrate or load up. A computer friend of mine stopped by and magically windows booted up and 3 hours later it restarted itself and same error "disk boot failure". It seems like my hard drive was over heating and failed. Bought a new one today and installed the new hard drive and still getting same error message. Could this mean I'm having MOBO problems? All I upgrade on my computer was a new video card Radeon 6770 and 350w PSU to a GS600 watt. Now I have a brand new hard drive and I still get the same error message. My CPU is AMD 9650 dual core and my MOBO is gigabyte M61PME-S2P.

Could my MOBO be out of date and over working itself with the new video card and PSU? Please ask as many questions if you need more info. Thank you for your time with this matter.

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  1. Put in the old components and see if the problem continues.
  2. I also tested BIOS features and boot system priority. Boot sequence is correct and the hard drive is recognized as #1
  3. Raiddinn said:
    Put in the old components and see if the problem continues.

    I did that and the hard drive was not working. Put a hard drive from my wife's computer in and it loaded just fine. So I figured buying a new hard drive would be the solution. That did not work. Any other ideas?
  4. Can you put her stuff back in and see if it still works?
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