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AcereRecovery Mangement hangs at 1% of updating system. This is a Windows 7 Acer Aspire5349 that is only a few days new.

Online warranty Tech support was horrible to try to talk to, I couldn't understand the accent, they wouldn't repeat things when I very politely asked them to simplly repeat what they said more slowly and clearly

My original issue was that the computer would not permit many web pages to function very well and the McAfee that came preinstalled ( and the IE9) pre installed appeared buggy...will explain later if needed, but the point is, I decided to go back to Factory Settings since they told me those issues weren't a WARRANTY issue!

I'm not the most computer savvy person, but I can follow written instructions. Please help.
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  1. Do you have a windows 7 installation disc by chance? This will allow you the ability to do a true clean install of windows 7. Unlike a recovery point made by the manufacturer that will most likely have all the bloatware (unnecessary software) still pre-installed.

    Keep in mind with these methods of "clean install" and "recovery" any data that was saved (photos, music, documents, etc) will be deleted. So make sure you back up anything important to you before you proceed.

    If you click the start icon, and then type uninstall program, hit can then uninstall any program you wish. Mcafee included. I recommend you download an antivirus ahead of time so you can install it right after you uninstall Mcafee. Try Firefox as an alternative to internet explorer as well.

    Also out of curiosity, hit start icon, type msconfig, hit enter, click the tab that says startup. How many items do you have listed to start up?
  2. Have exactly the same problem as Frustrated inth.

    Been using the knowhow discs they gave me. don't have a windows 7 clean install disk. Any help please?
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