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My msi 790x7-g45 am3/am2+am2 amd790x tax and with a phenom 11x4 965 black edition deniability 3.4 ghz quad core processor just died I would like recommendations on replacing this with a intel its a mid size case used for home use and occasional video editing and light gaming I would like to keep the costs down if possible. If possible I would like a onboard video later when funds come available I can upgrade this Any help would be appreciated I am a newbie at this thanks again
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  1. Need a firm budget and location for venders if possible.
  2. please state your budget
  3. Sorry I have to use my iPhone since my computer is down I would like my budget to be under $400 I can use he old case power supply and hopefully the memory
  4. Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-Z77x-D3h

    Processor - Intel 3570K

    Things You May Want to Know

    1.The processor is overclockable but if you dont want to overclock go for the Intel 3570

    2. The motherboard as great as it has features like loads of USB 3.0, can overclock pretty well and has Gigabyte's On/Off charge (which allows you to charge your USB devices even when your system is turned off)

    3. It also is a pretty good overclocker...

    4. You may ask "Why not the i7? - Since you do occasional video editing the 4 core / 4 thread i5 is enough... But if you edited video more often the 4 core/ 8 thread i7 will be better... But the i7 is more expensive which means that you will have to sacrifice on your motherboard... Therefore go with the i5, you will be more than happy with it ;)
  5. Can I use my existing ddr2 memory and what does on board video supported only by CPU with integrated graphics will I have to purchase a video card also
  6. unless you are gaming, you can use the integrated graphics of the CPU... If you do play games, a dedicated video card is recommended...

    you cant use DDR2 memory in DDR3 slots...
    ram is cheap... you can get 8gb @ 1333Mhz for $40
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