GTX 580 decision?

Hi everyone!

I am having trouble picking a new GPU for my new build.

I have narrowed it down to these 2 choices: $569 $599

I plan to overclock the cards and will be water cooling them. Which one will be better in my case for ultimate gaming? Can I get the cheaper alternative to be a faster card then the SuperClocked or will the SuperClocked always be better?

So what so I do, go with the lower clocked $30 cheaper one, or go with the higher clocked $30 more expensive one?

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    You can avoid the "SuperClocked" model. Its just a little bit factory overclocked, in my opinion its not worth the money. You can overclock a normal GTX580 by yourself saving considerable amount of money.
  2. I agree, overclock it yourself.

    Dang, those cards are 100 dollars less in the US.
  3. Warmacblu said:
    I agree, overclock it yourself.

    Dang, those cards are 100 dollars less in the US.

    I know :(
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  5. To get results even worth the extra heat and noise on a 580 is the issue. I've had a Asus Matrix gtx 580 and it couldn't even handle the big factoty overclock. Even with its 3 slot behemouth air cooler 3 slots big and two turbine fans, it couldn't manage temps out of the box lower then 95 degrees (sounded like a two blow drying directly in my ears). Anyway, if you want to OC and you are gunna be happy with the factory OC of that eVGA then get it because as easy as everyone says overlocking is, there are always little anoyances that make it a pain in the ass.

    Sometimes the OC program interferes with the drivers and causes alot of stuttering and low performance and you need to reinstall driver and OC program. With my last cards it happened to me almost every 2nd day. Take a look at the MSI lightning ( , its 549.99 and has a better overclock and can actually handle it unlike asus. its what I have. If your gunna spend money on a factory OC card then make it a good one with better cooling otherwise get the bone stock and see if you can manage an oc that you will be comfortable dealing with, in terms of heat, noise, voltage, performance etc.

    I assume you like the eVGA warranty though.
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