Computer case not picking up audio jack signal!

Alright I've built gaming pc around september. Now I've notice this problem ever since i build it but it just starting to really get on my nerve. I have the CM Storm Scout case And A Biostar MOBO. It just seems to pick up the signal for half of second then quits. Yes i'm 100% sure it's not the cable I've used many, many different devices. (right now i'm using the Klipsch s4 headphones and there not working as well). So if anybody know a way I would love help. I have Google many times with little help.
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  1. Can you describe the problem in more detail? I don't know what you mean by "pick up the signal for half of second".
  2. When I plug in my headphones it just flickers the speaker. basically it picks up the signal saying the headphones are pluged in but just like that that it disappears. then does the same thing over and over. And i'm 100% sure its not the headphones it has happens to me with numerous devices. Sure it's 100 Dollar headphone are not the problem.
  3. We seem to have a communication problem. All I can think of is to be sure the front panel audio is plugged into the mobo header correctly, and RMA the mobo.
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