Upgrade from gtx 280 to gtx 570 wich one??

Hi guys, i want to upgrade my vga, and i think the best choice its gtx 570, but wich one?? What do you think about this EVGA GeForce GTX 570 HD Double Shot..

My monitor 1680x1050
I5 750 3.4ghz
Evga p55 ftw 200
800w bfg..
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  1. I'm my opinion it seems like a fantastic Video Card. Double fan design and Heat Sink will help keep does temperatures down so go for it.
  2. Depends on the price.
  3. In amazon the evga cost 339$ the asus direct cu 349$ and msi twi iii 369$ but if u buy evga they gift u batmat arkam city for free..
  4. EVGA, no doubt.
  5. I'd Get the Asus one im a Asus guy..but if u want a free downloadable game..id choose Evga
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