I built new pc but i got problem !


the following are some of my pc parts :
-motherboaed : sabertooth z77
-cpu : intel 3770k i7
- GC : msi gtx670 ( twin frozr )
- ram :corsair vengeance 8gb with 1600 mhz
- powersupply is gs800 corsair
the following of what we got as os and drivers :
- i install win7 ultmaite 64 bit
- got drivers : nvidia 310.90
- directex 11 and 9 are done
- my motherboard bios did not updated i think cus i buy it b4 2 days and i install it

note : i got ssd 64 gb and hhd 1 t wwd but when i go to bios of my motherboad i can not see the ssd and i can not start os from bios also there are a message when i try to start os from biso : bootmgr is missing ... also my os is pirte so when i run my os with out biso min i did see the rate of performaince of my gc is 2.9 !

so here we r to talk about my main problems and pls try to help me guys :( :

1- when i run games as skirm , bf3 ,brodland 2 ,, the game run so so slow guys i mean the frame rate got some latency wich make u can not play it is like slow game . . it is like run and stop run and stop but with less than a sec
2- when i did check my cpu temp. it is so dam hot ! u can see the temp from the pic i will upload :(
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  1. Reseat the heat sink it is deff not on tgere correctly and throttling your cpu. As for is issues can't really help since you said you pirated it. But there is no reason why it shouldn't pick up the ssd. Check the data cable as well as the power cable on it
  2. this may be a simple thing to overlook but....

    Make sure your thermal paste/grease is applied evenly, ensure heat sink is seated all the way and finally ensure your cpu fan is functioning correctly.
  3. the case I use is corsair full tower

    atm I plugout the sdd to try see what is realy happen to my cpu temp.

    the temp is still high
    the werid thing b4 I plug out the ssd I did shut down my pc for 20-25 min and when I start it again thetemp of cpu was 54 and went high fast to around 70 c !
    it is weird right

    about the cpu fan I can see it running

    not sure what happen if the installation of cpu is not right or ?
  4. The CPU is not properly covered by the heatsink and if there is insufficient thermal paste that could affect the temp of the CPU however too much thermal paste will not allow heat dissipation through to the heatsink thus also giving high CPU temps.

    You might have to add extra fans to draw out the heat. Make sure the CP has plenty of ventilation both inside of the case as well as around the PC. Keeping the Pc in an enclosed space will not allow heat build up and humidty to dissipate away.

    Sometimes, during hot weather, I either can't use the pc or I leave the door open to allow a draft to help ventilate through the room.
  5. hey guys again !

    i finally i descover the problem !

    i want to tell u guys so we can increase our experince in every problems we face :)

    it looks the guy who install the cpu did use to much mash on the cpu wich mean it increase the heat !

    now after descover the problem of cpu heat the temp. went down to around 30 thx god ...

    the other problem of ssd it looks we forget to plugout the hhd while we install OS on the ssd :)

    thx god the game works fine now and i hope no problems inc in future

    thx guys alot for help and your time !!

    best Technology website and comunitity to get information and discuse the Technology <3
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