Good cheap psu's? ($100 budget, psu+graphics card)

Approximate Purchase Date: This week

Budget Range: 100 Bucks

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Internet Surfing, Applications

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Trust able websites like Newegg.

Country: USA

Parts Preferences: I prefer a ATI graphics card, and a good quality psu

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor Resolution: 1600x900


Can anyone help me out? I need a nice little setup with a psu + a graphics card that will all fit into my 100 dollar budget.

My power supply is only a 250 watt, and im stuck with the integrated graphics right now and i would like to upgrade....

Here are my PC specs.

Computer: HP Pavilion p6823w

Processor: AMD Phenom II x2 521 3.5ghz

Ram: 4gb

Video card: ATI Radeon HD 4200 Integrated Graphics Card

heres the complete specs if anyone needs it..

One setup that i think would work is a 430watt Corsair psu + a ATI Radeon HD 5570

If possible i would like a setup with a better graphics card than the 5570 + a new psu that will all fit in my 100 dollar budget... Can anyone help me find a nice setup please?
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  1. What about US$ 114.98? You can get the Corsair and a MSI R5670-MD1GD3 Radeon HD 5670 1GB
  2. I wish... But im strictly on my $100 budget.
  3. This is the PSU I will use and it should work for you, even if you plan to OC the CPU.
  4. azeem40 said:
    This is the PSU I will use and it should work for you, even if you plan to OC the CPU.

    I cant open the link, says its invalid
  5. @azeem40
    Dang that looks good, but theres no way i can get a $10 graphics card lol...
    Im looking for a psu and a graphics card that will fit into my 100 dollar budget.
  6. Yes, along with the CPU and Graphics, the PSU is a piece of hardware you should never skimp on, as one wrong voltage amount and your whole system can be brought down or not work.
  7. Quote:
    I suggest saving more money so you don't buy a piece of trash power supply that brings your system down with it.

    I dont really want to spend that much on my PC yet tho, im just now starting to get into actual PC gaming.
  8. How about this? 430watt Thermaltake psu + ATI Radeon HD 6570 . That should fit in my budget just barely..
  9. Yeah, make more $ then build a computer.
  10. No thanks, im sticking with my 100 dollar budget. Surely theres a good combo somewhere.
  11. this Antec

    or this Antec looks good

    they were both originally 60 dollars. hmm i think the first one may be my best option, it looks more reliable and i dont plan on running any monster graphics cards
  12. What games will you play?
  13. gtasa, gta iv, dirt, need for speed, cod, maybe battlefield, amnesia the dark descent, grid, bioshock?, f.e.a.r?, left 4 dead, ect..
  14. Quote:
    XFX ProSeries 450W - $58.99 w/ $3.99 shipping, comes with a $20 mail in rebate so basically $42 psu after shipping/rebate.

    Corsair Builder Series CX430V2 - $44.99 w/ $1.99 shipping, comes with a $10 mail in rebate so basically $37 psu after shipping/rebate

    Much better choices than the two antecs you listed.

    yeah i saw that corsair earlier but i was having some doubts while looking at the reviews, the first antec i listed seemed to have better reviews.... :??:
  15. You will not be able to run those games if you get a crappy PSU and GPU.
  16. azeem40 said:
    You will not be able to run those games if you get a crappy PSU and GPU.

    my ati radeon hd 4200 integrated graphics card can already run all those games at playable framerates but newer games have to go all low/medium and 800x600/640x480.

    and the 5570 i might get can run them all pretty smoothly.
  17. Ahhhhhh okay i see, lol thanks for the heads up.
  18. The 380W green is a bad PSU? You need to lay off the P07....

    Going from memory, the 380W green has an extra amp on the 12V rail, and is 80+ bronze over the Corsair 430W just 80+. It might be "dated" in your mind but its still a better PSU. Problem for the OP is its $45 which leaves only $55 for a GPU. I'm not sure if rebates count. You listed one that has one, so I'm assuming they do. Doing a quick scan on newegg, I find the card you already listed, or this "gem".
    GT240. $50 shipped, $30 after mail in rebate. Comes with free CoD4 game.

    The 6570 is identical to the 5570. Between the two choices I'm not sure which is faster. I suspect the GT240 is by a hair, but both will be fairly lame gaming cards. You might want to consider buying the PSU now, and then a GPU when you have some more $$$.
  19. Quote:
    The first antec you listed is outdated..Much better choices than the two antecs you listed.

    First one he listed was the 380W green. I don't mean to say the CX430 is a bad unit either. I'd probably buy it as $7 isn't worth an extra amp. The green will eventually even out and even give me "money back", but it will take awhile as the difference between 80+ and 80+ bronze isn't that much.

    Edit: LOL. No argument from me there. Green? Serious? Thank god my Antec 300 doesn't have a side window... (I don't own one of the Antec greens btw...)
  20. Thanks guys, looks like im getting the corsair. :D
  21. YESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i found out the corsair comes with a free 15 dollar promotional gift card, so that means ill have room for a 70dollar graphics card :D.

    all i gotta do is buy the psu, wait 4 days till i get the email for the gift card, and then i can go buy the graphics card.

    hmm it looks like the best thing 70 dollars can get me is a ATI Radeon HD 6670 1gb ddr3 from powercolor.

    edit: or should i just get the 5570 and use the leftover 15 dollars for something else? like some more ram?
  22. Video card.
  23. 4GB is good enough.

    the 6570 will play games smoothly at 1440x900 or so.
    This one is only $60

    if you can swing an extra $5 from your$70 budget, there is a 6670 for $75
  24. Dang... i swear that power color 6670 was 69.99 earlier...... anyways its out of stock now... but im in luck :D, the power supply dropped down by 5 bucks. and that leaves me room for a 75 dollar graphics card.

    man i just hope the 6670s will still be there and still be $75 on sunday or monday. Cause thats when i should get my 15 dollar gift card from newegg through email.

    hmmm what should i do? Im not sure if a 6670 at 75 dollars is still going to be there whenever i get the gift card.. but hmm if i get the 6570 now ill for sure get it and have the 15 dollars left to spare.

    so should i wait for the 6670 and hope its still there at the same price? or just get the 6570?
  25. I'd wait it out. Sooner or later something should drop down to the $75 price, or you get a bit more $$$. I've seen the 5750, 5770, and GTS450 all around $75 after rebate before. Maybe for new years sales they will again.
  26. Yeah ive seen those cards go down that low before but i think that was after rebate. but hmm i dont really plan on doing the rebate.
  27. ugh, i cant enter that one promo code called NEWCUSTOMER10 to get 10 dollars off :(
    it sucks too cause i need the 10 dollars off cause i dont have enough money to buy me that corsair and a power color 6670..
  28. nevermind... i found a his 6670 at compusa in my budget range and bought that there and the psu at newegg.
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