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570GTX vs 580GTX & Possible system bottlenecking concerns

Hello! I am looking to increase my gaming performance and a GTX580 or 570 is in my immediate future. I am upgrading from a GTX285, and I am running on:

Core2Quad Q9550 OC'd to ~3.5ghz on an ASUS P5Q-Pro
8GB 1066DDR2
Playing at 1080p resolution @ 60hz

With the level of OC I am able to obtain on my processor, I was thinking that I'm probably not going to see a huge gain out of upgrading to a sandy bridge just yet. But I was wondering if I am going to get the full potential of a GTX580 with my current build (possible bottle-necking concerns or what-not). Any advice would be appreciated.

I wish I could do a dual 560Ti solution, but when I upgraded to the core 2 quad, SLI didn't seem like it was ever going to be a necessity for me (hence the p5q pro board). Swapping boards now would mean about 450$~ in upgrades after a core i5 2500k, p67 board and 8gb ddr1600, which would be about the price of a 580!
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  1. I don't think your cpu will bottleneck either of them.What PSU do you have??
  2. It's a corsair 700w 80+ something. I made sure I splurged when I went for the 285. Should be able to handle the 580. Still need to be convinced I'm going to notice ~$500 worth of difference in going from the 285 to the 580
  3. I'm sure you will.That's a really good CPU and your resolution is pretty high.There won't be any bottleneck.
  4. If the 570 or 580 are in SLI the Q9550 will be a bottleneck.
  5. No, this should just be a single gpu solution. At least until I upgrade further.
  6. I'd bet if you took the CPU even a little further 3.8-40 GHZ you could use the 570's in SLI.

    Bottleneck is a hard thing to deal with, If you were to SLI a 570 at your current CPU speed would you bottleneck, yes you would would you see a massive fps increase yes. Could you get more with a faster CPU yes but at 70+ frames will you notice it ? I really doubt it.
  7. Oh yes that makes perfect sense, but I just want to make sure that for the money I am spending, I will see 100% of the effective upgrade =) Otherwise, there's no reason to spend as much and I can scale it back, and perhaps do that sandy bridge upgrade sooner.
  8. i'd get 570gtx 580gtx is a 15fps difference is that really a $100 difference?

    so get 570gtx sae some money :) and that CPU should see a bottleneck
  9. a 570 should be more than enough for 1920x1080
  10. I want to play Star Wars: The Old Republic, Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 very comfortably.
  11. 570GTX would handle those games pretty close on 1920x1080 on high/highest
    my 570gtx handles BF3,DS3,DeusEx,metro 2033 on high flawlessly

    and my last post about CPU bottlenecking..u shouldn't see it unless u are SLI'ing

    cant wait for STKOR
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    There is no doubt you will see a near 100% improvement if you go for a 570.You can even go for the 580 but if the $100 extra for just a 10-15% jump in fps doesn't seem right then you should stick with the 570 and just OC it.Get something with a better cooling and higher Vram.
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