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I need to add a hard drive to my system but not sure what type to get.Here are the facts;I have a IBM Aptiva p2 350,8 gig,96 ram.I would like to get a 40 gig hd (7200) to keep up with dv rendering/editing through a 1394 in/output.How do I know what interface will work with my system, ultra ata/66 , ata/100 , udma/66 ? I have a ibm aptiva 2139e5u. On the Ibm web site it says "Two PCI local bus Enhanced IDE v1.0 compatible harddisk drive interfaces that support PIO mode up to mode 5 , DMA 32-bit access up to mode 2 and Ultra 33 Synchronous DMA up to mode 2 (33M bytes/sec)". I don't know what that means. what I am looking at is a Maxtor Diamond Plus 60. Ultra ATA IDE 40 gig hard drive.will this work? Here are the specs:
Formatted Capacity: 40.9GB
Interface: 40-pin ATA-5
Data Transfer Rates: 100MB/s (UATA)
Average Seek Times: <8.7ms
Buffer Size: 2MB
Rotational Speed: 7200rpm
Height (inch/mm): LP (1.02/26.1)
for any help
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  1. From the looks of it and what you have said about your system it looks like your system can only transfer at DMA/ATA 33. Your 1394 is going to transfer at about 400 Mega-Bit/sec and your IDE controller at about 33 Mega-byte/sec.

    Right now Maxtor has a good deal when you purchase a 40 gig drive or larger you can get a $50 rebate if you purchase the ATA 100 IDE adapter card (made by promise)for $50. So you are basically getting the card for free and it will plug into a PCI slot on your mobo and allow your transfer rate for your Hard Drive to be about 100 Mega-byte/sec.

    All I buy is Maxtor products (for reasons we don't have to get into) and I have good performance and reliability.

    I hope this makes your decision a little easier ....?

    Lars Coleman
  2. thanks for the reply, how can I tell for sure? The info cam of the IBM site , is there somthing I can look for on that site verifies that the max transfer rate is 33 meg/sec? and under what section ("ATA 100 IDE compatible"..etc.)As you can tell I am just learning the game. Is there somthing out there that can match the fire wire speed? I am asking because I don't have a pci slot open. Thanks again
  3. It's most likely 33. Most PII systems only are. If you don't have a PCI slot open you would have to upgrade in order to match the speed of the 1394.

    Keep in mind that the 1394 is only 400 Mega-BIT not mega-BYTE. 400 mega-bits transfers out to be 50 mega-BYTE which isn't much faster then your IDE controller. That is burst speed to, not sustained. You may not see that speed .. depends on the system all together.

    Lars Coleman
  4. you probably wouldn't need the ata 100 card, but if you want to, go for it.
    I also have an ibm aptiva similar to yours but wit a k6-2 400 cpu, make sure you have space to put the drive, I added a cd burner and found out when I opened the case that I had to move the hard drive ( a bigg ass 5.25 monster)
    you should have a open 3.5 slot but I'd check first
    good luck

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