Looking to build my first computer, deciding between two combo deals

so I'm building a computer for the first time. I've done a bit of research in the past couple of months on what seems to be the best components for my needs and have found a couple of what appears to be good combo deals from newegg.

let me begin with that I am building a new computer particularly for games such as Skyrim, Battlefield 3, and Starcraft 2. I don't really care for Ultra graphics. I would settle for high on 1920x1080.


I was interested in this mostly because of the additional blu-ray driver. I've begun buying all my movies on blu-ray. However, I'm not sure if 4gb of RAM is enough, or the radeon 6850 and phenom x6 1055t is good enough for Skyrim or Battlefield 3.


This is a little bit cheaper but does not come with a cd/dvd burner. It does come with the beloved i5-2500k, a GTX 560 Ti, and 8gb of RAM.

Anyways, to sum it up, I'm looking to play games with this new computer on 1920x1080 on at least high settings. I was also wondering if there would be anything else I need to buy for my first computer? I already have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. I know I need to buy a wireless adapter as well.

Thank you
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  1. Depends on if you want to Crossfire/SLI. However, both of them, if you do decide to Crossfire/SLI (use 2+ Graphics), will not power them. I hear a 750W PSU is recommended.

    From the games you are playing, the second build will be overkill if you don't really care for ultra settings. Overall, I say go with build 1.
  2. thanks for the response. I know that if I decide to do crossfire or SLI I will upgrade the PSU. I'm not sure about the 8GB of RAM vs the 4GB of RAM either.
  3. 4GB of RAM + those games = playable games but not much multitasking. 8 GB RAM = playable games and more multitasking.
  4. the amd build also has 1 tb hdd which is definite overkill considering that on my current computer I only have 280 gb used. I also plan on getting a laptop for school use so the computer will be used for the basic computer uses, such as web surfing, watching videos, and listening to music, and also playing games.
  5. For gaming? The i5-K.
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