Can i buy hdmi graphic card for sony tv??

the sockets in my house blew when i turned my SONY KDF-50E2010 on, it had lines with no picture on the screen, i turned it off for 20 mins and it worked fine but when i went to put my playstation
on the hdmi wont work. everything else works fine but the 2 HDMI sockets?? does the tv have a HDMI graphic card that could need replacing?? if so which one?? cant find any information!!! can someone please advise as i dont have a clue?? thank u
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  1. You need to RMA your TV....

    If your sockets in your house blew up - the TV is most likely damaged and theres nothing you can do to "fix" the HDMI ports.

    Unless you are a hardware engineer with delicate soldering equipment and a know how of electronics/traces and capacitors.

    Edit: You could try unplugging your TV for a good 1/2 hour from the wall and see if that helps.

    Also some TV's come with a "restore to factory defaults" setting. You might want to look up the manual for it and try that out as well.
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