Should i upgrade or build a new pc for gaming?

I built my computer a little over two years ago and wondering should i sell the rest of the parts or upgrade? I just built both my kids computers and used my gpus(had 2 gtx 460 in sli). Was going to buy a new gpu(s) but started thinking if now would be a good time for a new build.
What i have
I7 920 d0 oc to 4.2
megahalems with 2 Scythe Ultra Kaze 120mm fans
p6td motherboard
12gb ocx gold 1600 memory
1000watt power supply
120gb intel 320 ssd
1.5 tb 7200rpm hhd
haf 932 case
27" 1900x1080p monitor

I dont think i get much if i try and sell my parts. My biggest concerns are playing games maxed out at 1900x1080 and reducing the noise level my pc makes lol. Was wondering if i get a gtx 580(or sli 580s), sli or 7970 or wait for kelper if i be fine for 2 more years. And if there is better fans for my megahalems or other cooling options. I would like to water cool the system but know nothing about it and would want my gpu's water cooled to. I dont mind putting around $1000 in to the system if it be decent for a couple more years or is upgrading to sandy bridge or ivy bridge when it comes out a better idea and building a new system?
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  1. I will say that this would run about two more years and after two more i think the hd 8xxx series or 9xxx series of graphics cards will also have to be launched and the 10 core or 12 core processers also be launched so i must say u that dont waste money now just wait 1 or 2 years and collect more money and then build a new gaming pc it will help u much more.
  2. and if u want 2 upgrade the graphics card u should upgrade but i dont think so it would be ok because if u wait 1 more years u would get an good one and ahead of gefore gtx 580.
  3. Thanks after much reading i think my 920 at 4.2 will be good for a couple more years so i will wait to upgrade. And may wait a month or 2 and hope 580s drop in price, Now all i have to do is get the system it self to make less noise lol. Any one know of good quiet 120mm fans or a decent quiet water cooling system for cpu oc and 2 gpus for around $300?
  4. $119.99
    CORSAIR H100 (CWCH100) Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

    i think this will be ok.
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