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I'm currently in the final stages of finding parts for a gaming pc build, but I can't decide on a motherboard. I am getting the FX-6300, but I want cf/sli to be possible, and I want to be able to upgrade to the FX-8350 if I ever decide too. I also want to buy a mobo that I won't have to update the bios. The cheaper the better, also I'd like it to be available at microcenter so I can get the discount with the fx-6300. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I'm trying to keep the price down thats why I'm going amd. I was gonna go intel, but I figure down the road I'll upgrade to haswell which won't be compatible with lga115 boards, so why spend 250 300 ish on a intel setup, then turn around and spend the same amount in a year or so. So I'm trying to make a cheap 500-600 build. I also figure in all reality, the i5 3570k which I was gonna get is great, but the fx-6300 isn't that much worse especially for the price differential.
  2. And as for the board you recommended, its alittle steep, maybe I don't need a board compatible with the fx-8350, because I can't spend 140 on a board right now.
  3. its 119.99 after a MIR but if you want something cheaper, there are options
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