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Greetings all,

I just completed my first build ever and everything is running smooth so far however I have a few newbie questions. I installed the drivers for my motherboard from the CD that came with it which is a Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 and was wondering if it is necessary at all to download any of the updated drivers from gigabytes webpage? I am wondering because if it doesn't help with performance then why touch anything since everything is running smooth at the moment. My next question is what should my i7 2600k be running at for a temp? I downloaded the CPUID HWMonitor PRO and under Core #0 I'm running 18 value 17 min and 19 max and under package it says value 28 min 26 and max 29. I went with the Hyper 212 plus over the Intel stock heat sink fan so I am hoping I am getting the best results that I should be.

Thanks again
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  1. You should update your drivers as the packaged drivers may be months old. Updating the BIOS is trickier (you may have to flash it from a USB device), but often proves to be worthwhile.

    Good temps for the 2600K is anything under 35, but really good temps are in the 20s. One thing of note is the fact that CPU temps vary with ambient temps and that a room at 25 C generally produces CPU temps that are 5 degrees cooler than a room at 30 C. This relationship is pretty much linear.
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