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I recently received a new sound card from a gaming community I'm a member of. There was a drawing for donators and I got lucky, winning a Creative Sound Blaster Recon 3D Fatal1ty. Initially I had problems with it where the sound would cut off and leave me with incessant buzzing. I ended up deciding to move the video card I have (SAPPHIRE Radeon 6870 1GB) to a different slot and also moving the sound card to a different PCI-E slot. However, while the computer runs fine (for now) without any noticeable sound or graphical error, it instead hangs during shut down. I reach the "Shutting Down..." screen with the spinning wheel, and it stays there indefinitely. I can hard shut it down with the power button, and it doesn't give me a "Windows did not shut down properly" error when I re-boot. Also, there is no "Shutting down slowly" option in the control panel like I would expect. In other words, it is shutting down as far as my computer can tell, but it simply doesn't turn off. Is there a way to fix this that is already known? My specs are below:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit Home Edition
Mobo: Gigabyte Z68X
CPU: Intel i5-2500k
RAM: 8GB Corsair
VGU: SAPPHIRE Radeon 6870 1GB
Sound: Creative Sound Blaster Recon 3D Fatal1ty
PSU: Coolermaster 800W
HDD: 1TB Western Digital
Periph: Steelseries Merc Stealth Keyboard, Razer Deathadder Mouse, Razer Carcharias
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  1. Bumping with a list of tried and failed "solutions:"

    Disconnecting the sound card - Still hung during shutdown.
    Booting in Safe Mode - Still hanging.
    Defragmenting - Only 3% fragmentation, still hung.
    Clearing out unused or suspicious software - Nothing.
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