Creating secondary RAID 0 in BIOS b4 windows install

Hi everyone!

I have an Intel 520 120GB SSD and 2x 1TB Western Digital SATA 3 HDDs that I'm about to do a fresh install of windows on. I want to use the SSD for OS and a few core programs, then put everything else on the HDDs. I've had the 2 HDDs raided on my current build by creating a triped volume via windows, but I'd rather have it done through the BIOS to avoid any conflicts. My question is, can I create the RAID 0 volume for the 2 HDDs before i install windows on the SSD, and would the SATA controller need to be set at RAID permanently? ( Previous install was in AHCI).

My worry is that seeing as ACHI seems to be the preferred setting for single drives, would I not be able to switch the BIOS setting back to ACHI after I have created the RAID array? (This would be pre-windows installation).

Many Thanks!
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  1. The raid setting includes ahci. Just install windows to your ssd with the hdd's unplugged to avoid any trouble, but install the raid drivers for your mobo/chipset. Create the raid after windows is up and running. And by the way: there is no real difference between the windows and the chipset software raid.
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