Suggestions and thoughts on build???

Hi all, I'm currently building a new computer for gaming and need advise in selecting the correct AMD AM3 motherboard that suits my specs below:

Monitor: 1080p
CPU: AMD3+ x8 FX-8320
Case: Coolermaster USB3.0 RC-K380
RAM: 8G Kit 1600 Patriot-S
Power Supply: Coolermaster Extreme Power Plus RS-500 Watt. PSU
Hard drive: Seagate SATA3 1TB
GPU: 2G 7870 MSI OC

What motherboard do you recommend that is not too pricey but will perform well with my CPU and GPU, also any thoughts about my build??
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  1. This is the best motherboard your money can buy

    I have a 1075T (it is a locked CPU) and upon first boot, I automatically OCs your processor, mine runs a 3.6Ghz... pretty amazing motherboard, and its less than $200.
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  3. that kit is a very good option for me! thanks for your answers
  4. please select it as a best answer if you do like it. I think its one of the best right now.
  5. And another thing, just for the sake of everything looking nice and making it easier on you, get a ASUS video card. they have VERY great OCing capability.
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