Question about dell inspiron 570 GPU upgrade.

Hello everyone!

I'm still quite new to it, but I've been trying to get into pc gaming. I plan on installing a GPU in my inspiron 570. I was told that this card will meet my needs while still being economically pleasing. :)
XFX HD-667X-ZAF3 Radeon HD 6670 1GB

My concern is this. The PSU in my pc model is rated at 300W. The minimum for this card is 400W. The person that suggested it said it would be fine in my system as is. I have been told that dell under rates their PSUs and GPU manufacturers often over rate their requirements.

Anyone know if the card will work? Is there any risk to trying to run it without proper power besides crashes? (I don't want to ruin any components.)

Thanks in advance for any advice you may give!
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  2. Thanks, so it seems like mine would probably work. Can anyone with more experience confirm this? I used the newegg calculator and was sitting around 300W. Think I'll be fine?
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