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Hello everyone.

My father and I just bought BF3. I'm alright on my system (just about, anyway :) ) but my Dad has a 8800GT 512MB and is struggling. Game launches but is very sluggish even on minimum settings.

He has a Q6600 (2.4GHz I believe) and 4GB of RAM. What would you all advise as an upgrade for GFX card? He doesn't want to spend over the odds; he doesn't top end. Mid range I suppose, possibly mid-low.

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  1. What resolution is he playing on? The card he is using is old, that's problem number 1. Problem 2 is you really need a video card with a gig or more of memory. The game has just too much detail, so your dad's card is having issue loading all the eye candy.

    So what is the budget, and what is the monitor resolution?
  2. Yeah, you really need to look at a GPU upgrade for BF3. The 8800GT 512MB is the card that appears in the minimum system requirements for the game, meaning the game will run, but it won't perform well at all. How much are you willing to spend, what is your screen resolution, and what sort of power supply do you have?
  3. Well need to know your spending Budget and what power supply you have. Right off the Bat I am going to recommend a 6950. I really like that card alot.
  4. He's playing / wants to play at 1920x1080.

    Guessing his budget would be £150ish, possibly a little more.
  5. pound 150 ~= $240 ?

    for that you can get
    will play comfortably at 1920x1080 in very high detail. plus, you can mod it to try to get 6970 shaders.

    you may have to upgrade the PSU as well though.
  6. Ya, a 6950 or gtx 560ti for around 240ish
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