6970 DirectCu II hdmi->dvi -dongle capable 3d?


I just bought a new 6970 DirectuCu II, which is working great. Its connected to my tv via hdmi cable->dvi dongle(came in the package).

My problem is: can I get 3d signal through that adapter? Cable is hdmi 1.4a and tv is 3d, so those are fine. I can also get sound through that adapter.

What if I connect my TV via HDMI to motherboards HDMI connection? Does the GPU still do its work?
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  1. So there ain´t anyone who knows if I can get 3D signal from 6970 DirectCu II via HDMI?

    Whatabout multichannel sound?
  2. You should be able to get 3d, also for multi channel sound, make sure the drivers are updated, and go into your sound settings in windows, and you should be able to configure it.
  3. Ok, thanks.

    Is there any difference in image/sound quality, if I buy hdmi->displayport adapter?
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