Set-up wireless home network through wifi broadband router

I have a god-knows-which brand broadband router through which I access the net. This router has 4 ethernet ports. I have 2 laptops (with wifi obviously) & a desktop connected to the router by the standard LAN cable. I was wondering if I could network all the three through the router. The desktop runs Win 7 64; & the laptops have XP sp3 & Vista business.
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  1. Ok thanks but I was hoping for a bit more detail. Roughly what would be the steps I should take to setup the network? Do i need to reconfigure the modem or just install drivers on all the three & get it going?
  2. all you need make sure that the workgroup name is the same and turn on Network Discovery on Vista and 7. To see a XP computer on the network, you will have to share a folder or printer
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