Display problem; my pc is dead.

Hello; I have two home built pc's. Both have experienced the same problems when hooking them up to my flat screen tv for gaming purposes. In fact I built the second one after the first experienced this problem. They will power on and everything seems fine, but nothing will display on screen. This is after running just fine without any indication of a virus or any other software problem.

I tried plugging in a monitor that I know works and nothing, I tried swaping out the graphics card and still nothing. On my new computer there is no VGA port on the motherboard so I have to use a graphics card. If i could at least see the BIOS, i could troubleshoot a component problem. I'm guessing it's a hardware problem and I need a new motherboard because if it was my hard drive, (the only component that's the same from the two computers) then I should still see the BIOS come up. I'm at a loss here guys; i just got this new computer. Please help!


Video Card: ZOTAC 2 GB Nividea GT 640

Motherboard: MSI 970A-G46

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    check on the new build and the old one that the mb not shorting to the case. or the i\o shield. make sure the 4/8 pin atx power is conencted to the mb if it not the mb wont post. look at the new mb see if there any diag led or debug led. make sure if your using a chepoa power supply and us power the red switch is set to 120v ac not 220v. a lot of people make an error on the clear cmos jumper in the wrong spot or they miss wire the mb header cables and the mb is stuck in reset mode.
  2. It's possible the motherboard is shorting because the case was not designed for a board of that size. The power supply is good. One day is was working fine, and the next; no display. So I couldn't have moved the jumpers. There are only four LED lights and they are for the processor cores. They all show solid like they always have. Because the case is too small, I have the power supply taped to the top; it's possible that might cause some tension on the cables. If I did short out the board is that the end and will I need a new board?
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  4. Well I unpluged the power supply cables and reset the BIOS and it seems to work now. But I have to leave the side of the case open to let the cords from the power supply get into the machine without binding on anything. Is that bad cooling wise?
  5. with the side the case more air flow.
  6. smorizio said:
    with the side the case more air flow.

    Thank you
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