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Hi guys latly I have been having troubles with a computer i recently baught and upgraded my gpu on the computer and the card was incredible powerful that it was just not suited for this computer so now i am thinking of building my own gaming computer from scratch and keeping the gpu for it.

What is the best motherboard i can get? No budgets, no limits, the best of the best!
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  1. You want z77 or x79?
    Best of the best?you mean those lga1567 quad socket thinggies?
  2. you can go 2011 socket ,and the choice of cpu is 600$ or 1000$, and thats the best now
    or you can go 1155 , and the cpu is 230$ or 340$ ,and for that, this is nice:
    or wait till june for 1150 :,20590.html
  3. Thanks guys much appretiated and yeah i was looking at the z77 so might go for that.
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